Foressos Golf Course strives to keep its members comfortable during their stay. With a pool, a restaurant that includes both the local and several international cuisines, and an indoor bar, the clubhouse makes sure that the members enjoy their stay and are able to relax after a grueling day at the course.

The clubhouse was completed in 1990 after several upgrades since the golf club was started in 1983. It is two story building sitting on 2300 square feet. The top floor accommodates 2 conference rooms for meetings and one special events room available to both members and nonmembers. The second floor houses the charming restaurant and a patio bar that serves some of the best cocktails.

The ground floor is home to the pro shop, customer service desk, and the club’s well-equipped and spacious changing rooms. There is also a gym and a spa where you can relax and stretch your muscles before and after finishing a golf round.

The amenities in the clubhouse are not exclusively for the members only but for the visitors too. They can also book the conference rooms, the special events room, or have a drink at the bar.